Norman 200B Lead Acid Battery



N2BLA Battery Alternative to Norman Nicad batteries.

Lead Acid battery does not have memory like Nicads, so they do not have to be discharged each time to maintain high capacity.

Our Battery maintains its charge when not in use - much longer than Nicads.

We have a temperature cut off circuit for maximum charging without damaging the cells.

You can charge with the Standard 200B Charger (Grey cube, not Delta V)In the pack Or out of the pack (with Norman Cable). Or with our N 2BCH Charger.

You can fast charge (45 Min.Approx.) or you can trickle charge 12-14 hours.

We average 125-250 Flashes per charge depending on power setting.

$110.00 Each

Shipping $10.00 Each Battery


What are customers have to say!

I just ordered and received a new rechargeable battery for my workhorse portable Norman 200B flash. I've had mine since the early 80s and have used it for years on a light stand with umbrella as a main light, indoors and out, or as fill. I loved the short recycle times and consistent light output.Christopher has variety of battery options on his web site, including a clever alternative to the rechargeable battery for the Hasselblad 500 ELM that uses a nine-volt transistor radio battery.Last time I bought a battery was eight years ago. Christopher keeps pretty good records and reminded me of this when he called me on the phone after my initial e-mail inquiry.The battery arrived yesterday, in bombproof packaging, and is charging as I write this. I have some neighbors waiting for a family portrait. Can't wait to try it out!


Norman 200B Automatic Charger



This is a Automatic Maintenance Charger for the Norman 200B Lead-Acid battery pack

Charges the Battery outside of the Flash pack.

Indicator Status Green LED On: Empty Load or Float Charge

Indicator Status Red LED On: Bulk Charge

Short Circuit Protected
Reversed Polarity Protected
Product Dimensions: 4 x 3.2 x 2.9 inches ; 1.6 pounds
Includes a 2ft charging cable and male connector
Please Note: This Charger is U.S. 110 Volt only

$55.00 Each

Shipping $10.00 Each Charger


Norman 200C Re-Cell Nicad Battery


 N2C Let Powersource replace your depleated cells with fresh nicads and battery cut off circut.

Just send us your old battery.

$90.00 per pack

Shipping $10.00 Each Battery



Norman 400B Nicad Battery


 N4B fresh nicad battery pack with cut off circut and built in fuse protection if shorted. Can be charged with Delta-V or grey cube charger.

$90.00 per pack

Shipping $10.00 Each Battery

Ordering: Orders can be called in, faxed, or E-mailed.
Credit card or checks are accepted.Make checks payable to Christopher Glenn.

22815 Ventura Blvd #245, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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