Super Charger for NMH or Nicad (AA,AAA,C,D,9V)



Energy 16 by Ansman

High-tec charger High-Tec charger with automatic refresh/discharge function for up to 16 cells
desktop charger for 1-12 AAA or AA cells;for 1-6 C or D cells in addition to 1- 4 pcs 9V E-block
auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process, if required. Damaged cells
will be detected and discharged before fast charging.
-dV charging for all NiCd/NiMHcells; individual supervision of every cell position; faulty cells
detection; switch mode power supply for worldwide use; 3 ywear warranty

$160.00 each
Shipping $12.00 each

The Energy 16 system charges one to twelve AA or AAA cells, or one to six C or D cells or any combination of AA/AAA/C/D cells plus up to four-9V NiMh or NiCd cells! The microprocessor controlled Energy 16 system automatically tests each cell for condition and indicates the state of charge, automatically refreshes or discharges them, if necessary, then switches each cell to fast charge and when fully charged to a pulsed trickle charge. If any problems are detected during charging or if a cell is improperly installed an LED will indicate which cell has a problem! The Energy 16 charges up to twelve 2200 mAh, NiMh AA cells to full charge in 3 hours! It operates on any current from 100 to 240V/50 to 60 Hz and automatically detects and switches to the proper voltage and current! The charger also automatically supplies the proper battery charging current from 70 mAh to 9000 mAh depending on the type of cell being charged! It charges AA cells up to 2300 mAh so it won't be outgrown by technology! The Energy 16 is supplied with both US and EU plugs and has a 3-year warranty

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